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    Helping businesses & families achieve pristine environments

    Spotless has been delivering expert commercial and residential cleaning services to businesses and households in the SouthPark area, spanning across the zip codes 28209 and 28211, since 2006.

    We are a reliable choice for businesses and homeowners that desire meticulous sanitization and disinfection. With our comprehensive range of tailored solutions, you can say goodbye to the hassle of eliminating dust mites, bacteria, and germs. Our offerings include the following:

    ✔️ Office Cleaning
    ✔️ Thorough sanitizing

    ✔️ Disinfecting services
    ✔️ Residential cleaning

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    Your one-stop solution for spotless homes and workspaces

    Are you wishing for a tidy and sanitized living or workspace? We’ve got you covered. Our capable team consistently demonstrates great teamwork, courtesy, and professionalism, providing both residential and commercial cleaning services.

    SouthPark, named after its famous shopping center, is a neighborhood where the residents cherish their shopping and mall visits. We want to improve this experience for you, allowing you to enjoy your time outside, knowing that you’ll come back to a pristine home.

    Our mission is to make your life simple. Our experienced crew will spruce up your home, allowing you to focus on the more gratifying things in life. Whether you’re in need of regular home maintenance, preparation for a special event, or assistance with move-in or move-out cleaning, we stand ready to lend a hand.

    In addition, we offer expert upkeep solutions to a variety of commercial spaces. Whether you need maintenance for a small workplace or large corporate office, or even if you need an expert to help you with a bank, church, dental office, doctors’ office, Airbnb, or vacation rental cleaning, we’re ready and equipped to assist.

    Residential Cleaning Services


    Areas in the home that we treat:

    Dining room
    Family room
    Foyer, halls & stairs
    Home office
    Laundry & utility room
    Living room

    SouthPark area’s go-to providers of commercial cleaning services

    Sanitation, an essential aspect in every workplace, directly influences the well-being of employees, productivity levels, and business reputation. Our checklists are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each space, promising a visually pleasing and hygienic outcome no matter the venue.
    Whether it's an office, bank, church, dental, Airbnb, vacation rental or doctors' office, our cleaning utilizes the expertise and top-tier equipment to ensure the area is sparkling once we’re finished. Here are some of the tasks we’ll perform:

    Ensuring all surfaces & fixtures are dust-free.
    Deep treatment of restrooms & kitchen areas
    Carpet vacuuming and stain-removal
    Washing the windows to offer a clear view
    Efficient trash disposal & bin lining
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    Distinctive apartment & condo cleaning services

    Navigating the special needs of compact home settings, our specialized solutions cater to the unique demands of these environments. We adjust our established techniques to address the distinctive challenges associated with these cozy spaces. Our expert team adjusts to your day-to-day schedule, crafting a living space that's perpetually orderly and hygienic.
    What to expect with our expert residential apartment and condo cleaning services in SouthPark:

    Custom care for cozy living spaces
    Expert handling of hard-to-reach areas
    Respectful, neighbor-conscious practices
    Discounted rates for grouped packages
    Refreshing outdoor and common spaces
    Smart organization of limited storage

    Commercial Service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the duties of a commercial cleaner?

    A commercial cleaning service in SouthPark is responsible for maintaining the appearance and sanitation of business establishments. This involves washing floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting surfaces, wiping glass areas, and disinfecting commonly touched spots. They also handle the proper disposal of waste, ensuring a neat and hygienic environment. While they won’t organize personal items, they help create a tidy, clutter-free space to enhance efficiency and health.

    How do you sanitize an apartment?

    To sanitize any residence, you’ll start by decluttering the space. Next, apply disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, switches, and remote controls. Wipe floors with a mop soaked in a disinfecting solution. In the kitchen, pay special attention to countertops and appliances. Likewise, in the bathroom, focus on the sink, toilet, and shower. Regular apartment and condo cleaning is crucial, as it ensures a germ-free environment.

    How clean should I leave my house when I move?

    When changing residences, you’re expected to leave the space as tidy and hygienic as possible. In the case of renting, it’s usually a requirement and thorough treatment is a way to get your security deposit back. Even if your previous residence wasn’t a rental, sprucing up the place is a considerate gesture towards the next occupant.

    If you want to ease the transition, or if you simply have no time to devote to the task, consider engaging a move-in and move-out cleaning service in SouthPark to restore the place to an impeccable state.

    How do I keep my dental clinic clean?

    Due to the nature of the job, maintaining a pristine dental clinic is very important. You should sterilize all your equipment on a daily basis, and regular sanitizing and disinfecting of all surfaces should be a top priority. To ensure the area is thoroughly sanitized and completely free of all germs, consider getting in touch with one of the companies in the area that specialize in dental office cleaning.

    Where can I book high-quality house & office cleaning services in SouthPark, NC, and the surrounding area?

    Considering transforming your living or working area with the help of professionals? At Spotless Cleaning, we provide a vast array of outstanding residential cleaning services and customized solutions for your commercial property maintenance. Entrust us with the task of eliminating dust and grime, freeing up your time to focus on what’s truly important.

    Our flexible approach ensures proficiency in managing diverse spaces throughout the SouthPark area and beyond. Whether you require expert cleaning services in the Myers Park neighborhood, or trustworthy cleaners anywhere within the Charlotte Metro area, our crew is merely a call away.

    Our range of expertise covers everything enhancing commercial buildings such as banks and medical facilities, as well as cleaning apartments and condos with a keen eye on their specific demands. Our objective is to ease your life, enabling you to focus on essential tasks, whether they’re related to your business’s smooth operation or a relaxing shopping spree at SouthPark Mall.

    Experience the convenience and satisfaction of a professionally cleaned space, contact us today!